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About Us

The story of Waterloo Kennels

Established in 2009, Waterloo is the brainchild of Liz Savery who set up a few kennels in her garage to try out something different and give dogs the holidays they deserve. These guests loved getting plenty of walks and playtime with other dogs and it was soon apparent that this different attitude to dog ‘kennels’ was valued and Waterloo became very popular. Within a year Liz and her husband Phil decided to redevelop an old mill shed on the farm into custom-built kennels and the rest is history.

Our initially solely family-run business has, over the past decade, expanded and we now employ a small team of devoted dog lovers. Our philosophy has always been and still remains to provide our dog guests with exactly what they need – appropriate exercise, playtime, comfort and love. We all work hard to ensure that we deliver the top level of care for your dog and make sure that your dog has the best stay away from home.

Meet the team


"I've always had a dog in my home & my passion for dogs made me opt for a career change. After 20 years in publishing I turned my hobby into my business and created a unique place which treats dogs to wonderful holidays & days out on our farm that they deserve!"


"Whenever I get chance, I will always choose to take a break from the farm and go out with the dogs!"


"I joined Waterloo in June 2021 to help Liz manage the admin and keep plates spinning behind the scenes. My office, filled with dogs is the best office in the world, and getting to come out on a sunny day to play with the dogs is perfect."


"I have been working in kennels for over 35 years and have always loved being around dogs. It's the best job in the world. Even though you may not see me out the front, I am behind the scenes ensuring your fur-baby is well cared for and having a wonderful time."


"I've grown up around dogs and my whole family are huge dog lovers! I finished school and got the best job in the world, working with the best dogs and always being outside no matter if it's snowing or bright sunshine. Working at Waterloo is the most rewarding job as you watch all the dogs engage with each other and grow in character. Couldn't be happier than with the best Waterloo team!"


"I’ve always had a huge passion for animals and have always been told I am very compassionate by nature. I left school knowing I wanted a job in which I could use my caring nature and started working as a care worker and worked up within the company to a line manager before realising that caring for dogs was the way forward for me, not humans. Since working at Waterloo my passion for pups has grown and I don’t think I could love working along side them more if I tried."


"I’ve been surrounded by animals my whole life, big and small. Working with dogs has always been my dream since I was little and when getting the opportunity to work at Waterloo I jumped. I'm currently working towards my NVQ level 3 for dog grooming to own a salon in the future, working with this team of amazing people and dogs makes that possible and I wouldn’t want to spend my days anywhere else."


"I've always loved being around dogs, they just make me so happy, so when I had the chance at being a part of the Waterloo team I jumped at the chance! It's the best job in the world and when I'm not working I'm studying at Hartpury, college doing an animal management course."

Charlotte M

"Being around dogs fills me with such happiness and no day is the same which I thrive off! I have always wanted to work with animals from a young age and previously studied Animal Management at Hartpury. I love learning all the different behaviours that they exhibit and I hope in the future to undertake a course in canine behaviour."


"I have always had a love & passion for dogs & animals since I was young and always wanted to incorporate this into a career. I love being able to see & enjoy each dog’s personality, getting to learn more about them as individuals & creating positive connections. Working at Waterloo is such a rewarding & fantastic job when you’re surrounded by such loving & affectionate pupps & as well as a great team!"


"Dogs have always been a huge passion of mine since I was a little girl, always being part of the family. Whilst living in Cyprus we rescued two dogs which made the experience of owning them even better and sparked my interest in dog behaviour. Working at Waterloo and getting to spend my day with the different dogs has been amazing."


"I’ve always loved dogs and have grown up with them ever since I was little. So when I got offered the job at Waterloo I had to take it! Working with dogs is amazing and it’s great to be working with such an amazing team!"


"I love working closely with all the dogs and their unique personalities! I always knew I wanted to work with animals so Waterloo is perfect. Working at Waterloo and the amazing team is great experience for my veterinary course. I couldn’t think of a better job!"


"Animals are my biggest passion, I have grown up surrounded by them and currently have five rescue dogs of my own! I have recently gained a degree in animal behaviour and welfare and now work part time at Waterloo.I am very lucky to say I have the best job in the world!"


"I have grown up with dogs all my life and living on a farm I am always surrounded by animals. I have always loved dogs and joining Waterloo was like a dream come true! I am studying Business Management at the University of Birmingham and I fill my holidays by being surrounded by the best dogs."

Like to join our team?

Though we are not currently recruiting, we are always interested to meet fellow dog lovers. If you think you have relevant experience with dogs then we would love to hear from you. Please email us with your CV and why you think you would be well suited to Waterloo.

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